4Elements (S60 3rd) 1.1

Create mining colonies around the universe!

Finally, mankind civilization made Earth out of any mineral resources. Scientists discovered a new energy form based on reaction of four new elements: Sidium, Denium, Ferium and Gerium. A planet found in deep space was the only place where all the elements could be separated from mined minerals. To produce the Energy all the elements must be in same proportion, but each of four nations had a better technology of separating only one element. The planet became a battlefield for Energy. The Four Elements War...

You will play for one of four nations landed on a planet in deep space. You will develop your base, build ground and flying units, harvest minerals, trade with other nations, produce energy and ... fight, fight and fight against every one!

Software features include:

• Big scene to play
• Many types of buildings and units
• Stereo surround effects
• Three difficulty levels
• Save up to four games

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4Elements (S60 3rd) 1.1